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IMPRESIONANTE (de ser verdad): JLN Labs replicates Steorn's free energy motor

French replicator, Jean-Louis Naudin, says he has confirmed that there is no counter electromotive force (back EMF) in the toroidal coils -- a key to converting magnetic power into kinetic (motion) power.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
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On Dec. 15, we reported that the Irish company, Steorn, had launched a public demonstration of their e-Orbo technology which purportedly is a self-looped system in which the same battery that turns the motor is then recharged by a generator that is powered by that motor -- apparently picking up extra energy somewhere in the process, in the tradition of Nikola Tesla and more recently of John Bedini and Tom Bearden.

The phenomenon is said to be due in large part to the motor running without back-EMF. In layman terms, that essentially means that the motor runs without any internal resistance other than from bearings. In some cases, the claim goes even further, stating that a configuration can be attained that actually results in converting static magnetic power into kinetic (motion) power. That is what Steorn is claiming.

Conventional physics says this is impossible (aka heretical).

Now a well-respected replicator, Jean-Louis Naudin of France, has reproduced this key portion of the e-Orbo technology. And he has posted a clear set of instructions of how he did it, along with his results.

Naudin states that the purpose of this experiment was "firstly to check the proper functioning of the Steorn engine and the facts presented in his video of December 15, 2009." He reports that he was able to confirm the three primary claims relating to the motor portion of the system:
  • There is no counter electromotive force (Back EMF) induced in the stator coils when the rotor is turned manually.
  • A reversal of the polarity of the coils does not change the direction of rotation.
  • When the rotor is manually braked, the supply current in the toroidal coils remains constant.
When running, Naudin's replicated motor accelerates up to around 2600 rpm within around a minute.

In his synopsis, he wrote:

"The Steorn engine reproduced here confirms the observations and the measurements submitted on December 15, 2009 by Sean McCarthy in Dublin. This engine, an atypical configuration, is really very interesting and worth to be explored and developed because it presents a characteristic of non-reciprocity of the energy load on the power source through the breaking of the symmetry (regauging effect). Other experiments and tests will soon be conducted to better understand and improve this innovative principle. Using the potential energy of magnets to produce a clean and free energy is really worth exploring and developing very seriously for the future of our planet."

His next step will probably be to replicate the generator portion of the system so he can generate electricity from the rotating motor.

Here's one of the videos that Naudin posted showing his replica in operation.

Links - Naudin's report - Naudin's YouTube channel

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